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And, no I’m not the Jeremy Lasky that is the cinematographer on Finding Nemo, Cars and Toy Story 3. (But we do actually know each other! I hope to interview him on the Podcast or YouTube channel in the near future).


I grew up on the tip of Coney Island, Brooklyn right on the beach where my parents still live. 3rd house from the ocean. From kindergarten on, I commuted daily to school throughout my entire childhood. From grade school in Canarsie, Brooklyn to High School at Stuyvesant in the East Village. After high school, I headed out to Pittsburgh to study Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. After the first year, I realized my true calling was in Graphic Design and shifted majors to begin anew in my Sophomore year. I also ended up earning a minor in Architecture and also Business Management, alongside my major. Right after college, I started my career at RGA(more on that path in an upcoming post).

For 5+ years I lead design efforts for feature films, global ad agencies and broadcast networks. In the Fall of 2001, I co-founded PERCEPTION, a cutting edge motion graphics studio that lead the revolution in creating groundbreaking design and visual effects on the desktop. Now in it’s 16th year, the studio has sharpened its focus to become global experts in designing futuristic UIs for both feature films and for the most powerful brands in technology. I spend my days leading new business strategies, shaping the company’s growth and destiny, while overseeing a full-time staff of 15.


My graphic design work has been featured in Adweek, Advertising Age, Apple.com, Brandweek, Carnegie Mellon News, Communication Arts, Graphic Design USA, How Magazine, I.D., IDN, and Print Magazine. He has received awards and recognition from AIGA, The Art Director’s Club, Broadcast Design Association/Promax, CLIO, International Andy Awards, Monitor Awards, New Media Invision Awards, One Show Awards, The Charleston International Film Festival Awards, Telly Awards, and The Type Directors Club.

I have been a keynote speaker and presenter at: Promax 2016, Disney Art Summit, Disney Creative Loop Series, Science of Team Science Conference, Biogen Techology Innovation Symposium, TV of Tomorrow Conference, and Razorfish’s Global Creative Summit. I have also lectured on design and guest speaker at OTIS, SCAD, Carnegie Mellon’s ETC and NYU ITP. And I’ve given presentations and workshops at some of the biggest tech giants in the world including Samsung, IBM, SpaceX, Intel, Microsoft, GE, Yahoo, Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler, Visa and Apple.

I am available to comment on most topics for print, web, television and radio.  Get in touch.
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This blog has been a long time coming.

It’s the perfect place for me to share my thoughts, and my personal reflections on a variety of topics. It also gives me the opportunity to look back a bit and put the pieces together throughout my life that helped shaped my destiny.

I’m big on that stuff, as you will see.

For years, I’ve read book after book, watched hundreds of speeches and listened to countless podcasts of successful people sharing their habits and philosophies that helped make them successful and optimized their personal performance. And what often strikes me is how many of these routines and thought processes are innate to me; things that are hard-wired into my being, that I’ve been doing automatically for much of my life. (Long before meme’s like ‘be the hardest worker in the room’ are thrown around on the social sphere as if it’s revelatory or it became ‘fashionable’ to brag about working out at 4am.) So one motivation for blogging, is to allow me to share more of my ideas in real time, as a running commentary of my daily and weekly insights. I’ll certainly direct you towards some other interesting content and material on the web; but I love to challenge perceptions and connect the dots.


At Perception we collaborate with Technology innovators and filmmakers alike on designing and visualizing futuristic technologies. For more information on what we specialize in and our story, see our website experienceperception.com

And if we can help you with your initiative in any way, please feel free to reach out.